Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Mystery weed and flower

I have a very common weed that grows all over my property. I have always thought it was a mustard, but the mustard along the road is blooming and this isn't. If I remember correctly, this plant gets very tall. I would like to positively identify it and find out if it's edible before it flowers. I can't remember much about it's flowers because I either pull them or our weed abatement man eliminates most of them before they bloom. In the picture, it's the one labeled "weed."

The item in the picture labeled "flower?" is new this year and growing in the herb garden where I planted a number of seeds that I didn't think sprouted last fall. Now I have several of these plants at the back of my herb garden and they are about two feet tall and very bushy. They don't look like typical weeds. I have also posted a picture of one of the larger leaves from this plant if it would help identify it. At first I thought these came from two different plants, but as I look at the leaves, they appear to be the same. Does anyone know what they are? Or do I have to wait until they bloom to find out. I believe the seeds I planted were for Blanket Flower and for another flower I can't remember now. It might have been a small, colorful variety of sunflower.

Mystery solved as of April 23. It's the red poppy (actually two different kinds of red poppy) you see in the picture above.
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