Saturday, January 21, 2017

First Daffodil in 2017 Arrives on Schedule

Daffodils Can Bring Cheer to Any Winter Day

This is the gloomiest, rainiest January I can remember since moving to Paso Robles. It has rained almost every day for the past two weeks and more is coming. Today I emerged for the first time since getting the flu two weeks ago to see this daffodil smiling at me from my garden. 

First Daffodil in 2017 Arrives on Schedule
I grabbed my camera, thankful that there was no rain, and walked across my very wet yard to take the photo. 

Daffodils Bloom about the Same Time Each Year

My daffodils start blooming before January 26 each year. By the time January 26 arrives, the yellow ones are usually in full bloom, with the white and yellow ones blooming a few days later. It took a lot of work to plant the bulbs in the fall of 2013. I thought I'd never finish. Now, as the daffodil flowers arrive every January to brighten my life, I'm very glad I did the work. There aren't any garden shortcuts. If we don't plant, we don't get flowers. 

Making Planting and Weeding Easier

One thing that made the planting easier on my poor arthritic knees was my garden kneeler. It was worth every cent I paid for it. My complete review of the garden kneeler I love is here. The kneeler is not only useful when I'm planting, but also when I'm pulling all the weeds the rain brings.

If you wait to pull the weeds until the ground completely dries out after the rains, you will have a forest before you know it.  These are the California weeds you need to pull as soon as the ground is dry enough. I find it easiest to pull the weeds when the ground is barely moist and the roots come out easily. 

Bring Daffodil Cheer Inside

If you don't have any daffodils, make a note on your calendar to start planting bulbs in October or November. There's nothing like a bright yellow daffodil to bring delight to a winter garden. 

First Daffodil in 2017 Arrives on Schedule


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