Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's Apple Blossom (and Tomato) Time

After a day of amending soil in my raised beds and planting tomatoes at dusk I'm too tired to write much. I feel my eyelids drooping, as well they should, since I had only about an hour or two of sleep last night. I just lay awake, thinking about the garden chores that needed doing today. Finally, at 4:40 AM, I jumped out of bed and made a list, thinking that if I slept in, my husband could go and buy the items on my list before I got up.

Fat chance! I finally gave up trying to sleep about 5:30, ate, and got out to the garden as soon as it was light. But I'll talk about that more next time, when I've had time to edit today's pictures.

For now, I'll go back to the apple blossoms, which are finally in bloom this week. I was almost afraid the tree wouldn't bloom this year, since we performed some major surgery on it after a main branch split off in the fall winds. Then we pruned it for the very first time while it was still dormant. We were anxious to see if it would produce again this year. As you see in the picture at the top, it is loaded.

For the first time this year we have set traps for the little moths that lay the eggs which turn into worms in the apples. We had rather gotten used to eating our apples in pieces after worm removal. We hope we will have more worm-free apples this year.

You are seeing only half this tree. It has another side which is just as large and just as load with blossoms. I think we really will have to thin the fruit this year. For some reason the picture is not loading for me today, but if I click on the blank spot where the picture is supposed to be, it takes me to the picture. If you don't' see the picture at the top, try clicking that empty space.

I think I'd better go to bed now, before my eyes just close on me.

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