Thursday, May 10, 2007

So much planting and transplanting!

My first artichoke is developing nicely and I could probably pick it and eat it any time now. Another smaller one is also on the way.

On May 6 I transplanted two Cal Wonder and one of the varieties in the sweet pepper mix into pots. I planted French breakfast radishes in circles near rim of pots where I will plant squashes tomorrow. I also planted a few green onions next to the Roma by the fence.

On May 8 I transplanted the best of my Gourmet Eggplants into a pot. I also planted a few cilantro and Gold Rush Asylum near the irises, which aren't too far from the black walnut tree. I planted a couple more borage in the garden -- one by the fence tomatoes and one by the Roma.

When I got to the other house I moved the pellet seedlings of basil, carnations, and Gold Rush Asylum into cups, since they were getting too big to stand much longer in only the pellets. I brought most of them home to start hardening them off in the cold frame, since it's still in the mid-forties at night.

I did learn today that one has to be very careful when using newspaper to block weeds. If it isn't weighted down well, it blows away and can cover new seedlings. And in even one day of being covered by a wandering paper, the sowbugs will finish eating a very small seedling. I discovered this had happened to my only Stupice and one Brandywine today. They were very tiny. And now there is nothing left of them at all.

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Jane Hake said...

This is an artichoke? I am so impressed! At first, it looked like a good old Missouri dandelion to me! I love to eat artichokes and I wish I could grow them here!

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