Sunday, April 01, 2007

A Wonderful Spring Day in the Garden

Yesterday I saw a hummingbird moth visiting my herbs. Except for it's size, it looked and sounded like I'd imagine a baby hummingbird would. It made the typical humming bird sound.

Today I bought more herbs, but didn't get them planted yet. I did get a few marigolds transplanted into the herb garden I see from my kitchen window. My biggest job was getting lots more flower, herb, and veggie seedlings into bigger containers. I grew them in peat pellets, and their roots were beginning to poke through.

I also cleared a few more feet around my herb garden border and covered the bare ground with newspaper and bark chips to keep it weed free. Still have a lot more to do there.

I'm still waiting to see what the flowers at the back of that bed that are intertwined with the poppies will turn out to be. I'm pretty sure they aren't weeds. But I can' t believe they are from the seeds I planted months ago, either. Time will tell.

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