Thursday, April 27, 2006

God watered today.

Yesterday I was going to take some pictures of the garden as it is this year so far, but couldn't find my camera. So until it's found, I'll have to use word pictures.

I didn't make it to the garden today. God chose to do the watering. He announced it loudly first with a crash of thunder. And then the rain began to fall and I knew I would be able to stay in and work on the computer. I miss being outside, and watering gives me a chance to inspect for new growth. But God does a better job of watering than I can, so I'm always glad when he does it. Tomorrow (or, I should say, later today, since it's already early morning) the weather is supposed to get warmer, and that should make the tomatos and peppers happier. Today was cold, as well as wet. Perhaps this weekend I'll even get a chance to plant my potted Easter lilies and petunias. The petunias will be planted in Mom's yard, since she doesn't have gophers. She does have snails, but they don't destroy the whole plant like the gophers do. Oh, how those gophers love petunias!

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